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About Department magazines

Tri-Monthly GIFT News Letters "The New Horizon" that comprises the inter and intra institutal events.

Name of the editor: Prof. Ajit Satapathy, Department of EEE
Editorial Board:
  • Faculty members: Prof. Bikram Keshari Rout, HOD,Dept. of English, Prof Prof. Sisir Barik, Dept. of English,
  • Student members: Amit Ku. Saraf , 4th yr,Mechanical, Aliva Shree Rath, 2nd Yr. EEE, Reena Mandal, 2nd yr.,CSE

A weekly e-Magazine "GIFT This Week" which comprising of the weekly events and day wise thoughts of that week.

Name of the editor: Prof. Pranati Mishra, Department of English.
Editorial Board:
  • Faculty members: Prof. Prasant Dash Dept. of English
  • Student members: Amarendra Chandan, 2nd yr, Mechanical, Chaitali Mukharji, 2nd yr, ECE, Ankita Sinha, 3rd yr.,CSE

Half Yearly Department technical magazine "E-WAVE" consisting of the articles by staffs and students research and practical innovations and activities.

Name of the editor: Prof Jaya Prakash Sahoo, Department of ECE.
Editorial Board:
  • Faculty members: Prof. Prabhat Kumar Subudhi, Prof. Saubhagya Ranjan Sahoo.
  • Student members: Purnata Mohanty , 4th yr,ECE, Rehan Parwez,3rd yr., ECE, Sweta Kumari, 3rd yr.,ECE