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The main objective of this internship of technical students is to expose them in industrial environment, to let them know about modern technology, to develop project report writing process, to understand the psychology of workers, to develop team spirit, responsibility , ethics etc..By undergoing internship, a student can develop the practical skill, can select his/ her career, can know the importance of time management & team spirit, can grade his/ her CV during interview for a job. One B.Tech. student to undergo 600 to 700 hours of internship during his/ her course i.e.- full time 1 month of training at the end of 1st. year, 2nd. Year & 3rd. year during summer vacation. However a student can undergo part time internship training for same hours during each semester ( subject to condition).

After 1st Year:

One month Internship during summer vacation.Total Credit – As per Affiliating University BPUT. A student can undergo 1 month training :--

  • At other institution as IITs or NITs Or,
  • Soft skill training at GIFT, Bhubaneswar Or,
  • One month training/ contribution at GIFT Incubation center/ GIFT Innovation cell/ GIFT Entrepreneurship cell . Or,
  • One month learning at Departmental Lab/ workshop of GIFT Or,
  • Doing Consultancy or Research project work of GIFT as assistant. (For above training, the certificate to be issued by concerned program head or Cell incharge). The performance evaluation shall be as under.

Total Marks: 100. The break-up of marks as follows:

  • Internal Guide Evaluation: 20 Marks
  • External Guide/ Program head/ Cell in-charge Evaluation: 20 Marks
  • Internship Report : 20 Marks
  • Presentation & Viva: 40 Marks

AFTER 2 nd.YEAR& 3 rd. YEAR.

One month Internship during summer vacation from any one category as detailed below. Total Credit – As per Affiliating University BPUT

(A) Innovation/ IPR/ Entrepreneurship Category.

  • A student can undergo one month training at IIT/ NIT center of excellence. Or,
  • Can compete in innovation competition as hackathon etc..Or,
  • Can work in startup for development of new product or business plan Or,
  • Can work in GIFT - Innovation council for business, technical expos, IPR workshop etc..


  • Can work in family business to gain work experience.*


A student can undergo training on Live projects with Industry or Government or PSU or NGO Or any micro- small- medium enterprise Or on line work.


  • With a long time goal, a team of students to work for development of nearby village people under any one of following activity program as :-
  • Sustainable water management
  • Low cost sanitation facility.
  • To improve quality of life by technical means.
  • Solution for energy conservation.
  • Efficient garbage disposal.
  • Doubling of village income.
  • Improving the education quality of village.

(D) NSDC Skill Course Category.

  • A student can undergo short term training course of NSQF Level 3 or 4 or 5 for 1 month.

For all above internship category, the certificate to be issued by concerned Program Head/ Skill training center Head/ Industry Supervisor. But in case of “Family Business” the certificate cum undertaking to be provided by the parents. Further in case of ‘Rural Internship’ the certification to be done by Faculty mentor, NSS Head and T & P cell head. For all above category the performance evaluation shall be as under:

Total Marks: 100. The break-up of marks as follows:

  • Internal Guide Evaluation: 20 Marks
  • External Guide/ Program head/ Cell incharge Evaluation: 20 Marks
  • Internship Report : 20 Marks
  • Presentation & Viva: 40 Marks


  • Students shall be guided by T & P Head for choosing a type of Internship and about the importance of Internship.
  • PPT to be regularly provided by T & P cell on CC/ TI/PI.
  • For Internship related issues, each section shall have 2 or 3 student coordinator ( one as leader), who will report to Department/ Branch Faculty coordinator who will report to T & P head.
  • Each student to request for Internship training to T & P Officer in prescribed “Student Internship Program Application Form” through concerned branch faculty coordinator.
  • T & P cell to forward the students request to concerned Cell/ Industry/ NGO/ PSU/ Government etc. for slot allocation and do the necessary official works for approval before training starting date.
  • If for one industry/ cell/ program more students are interested, then GIFT shall scrutiny the students on basis of interview or CGPA.
  • One student can arrange internship at its own, but he/ she has to submit one undertaking stating about not requirement of GIFT help for Internship. However the confirmation letter to be submitted to T&P cell via Faculty mentor before training start date.
  • On joining at Internship, each student to e-mail GIFT regarding joining.
  • During Internship, the concerned GIFT Faculty mentor shall visit 2 to 3 times to concerned industry/ Institution/ cell/ etc...to evaluate the performance of student. If found absent (without prior information) , his/ her entire training shall be cancelled.
  • A student can avail 1 day leave during 1 month of internship.
  • At the end of Internship, the student to collect Certificate from concerned industry/ skill center/cell etc. .in the prescribed format attached and submit the same to college along with project report, daily diary, certified attendance sheet etc..
  • All students undergoing internship shall be insured for health & Safety.
  • Concerned Industry supervisor/ Program coordinator shall evaluate the DPR regularly (copy attached).
  • During internship, a student to maintain the prescribed “ daily training diary or Log book” and the same to be signed by Industry supervisor/ program supervisor/ or concerned officer daily. During surprise visit of GIFT faculty mentor to training place, the same diary shall be verified by mentor.
  • In daily training diary (format attached) a student to record the information gained, knowledge gained, plot drawings &sketches, organization information, technology, working principle etc. regularly.
  • At the end of training , the student to submit the prescribed attendance report (copy attached) to GIFT.

For reference of students and all concerned the prescribed format of Student Internship Program Application form, Internal guide evaluation sheet, Supervisor Evaluation sheet, Internship report evaluation sheet, presentation & Viva Evaluation sheet, Request letter from GIFT, Relieving letter of student , Students daily diary/ daily log book, Students feedback form, Students attendance sheet are attached here with.

These are the following content should be there in a perfect Internship report:

  • Cover Page: It should contain Company/Organization/Institution Name, College name, Internship topic, Student’s name, Registration number, Branch & year.
  • Attachment of Internship Certificate: Received from the Organization/Institution.
  • Table of Contents
  • Industry Profile
  • Company profile
  • Internship Objective: What do you intend to learn, acquire and clarify through this internship? Try to use concrete, measurable terms in listing your learning objectives under knowledge & understanding and skills.
  • Job Description: Describe in as much detail as possible your role and responsibilities while on your internship. List duties, project to be completed, deadlines, etc. How can you contribute to the organization/site of internship?
  • Daily Log/Daily Diary: The format has been added below.
  • Supervision: Describe in as much detail as possible the supervision to be provided/needed at the work site. List what kind of instruction, assistance, consultation you will receive from whom, etc.
  • Statistics or any information presentation through Figures & technical tools: Pie Charts, Tables, column, bar etc.
  • Evaluation Forms: These forms are needed to be attached; Internal Guide evaluation Form, External guide evaluation Form, Student evaluation form, Internship report evaluation form, Evaluation form for Presentation & Viva,

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Student Testimonials

  1. The biggest advantage here is the remarkable teaching panel. Teachers is always available for clearing doubts and extra classes always help.
    -Rakesh Mohanta, 1st yr. Agriculture-
  2. An all round environment is provided in this campus. There are lots of extra-curricular activities where we can excel.
    -Anil Sahoo, 2nd yr. Mech.-
  3. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.
    -Indronil Biswas, 2nd yr. MCA.-
  4. The four years spent here were splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a "Better Person"
    -Ravi Prakash Gupta, 4th yr. CSE.-
  5. GIFT has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive.
    -Runia Behera, 1st yr. MBA-

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Saroj Parmanic
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Placed in: Indian Naval Academy (INA)
Rank 7
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Aman Kumar Jha
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Aurobindo Parida
Placed in: Shriram Panels
Ashutosh Pradhan
Placed in: Hinduja Global
Basudev Samantray
Placed in: Intel
Avinash Priyadarshee
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Kamal Kumar Patel
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Subash Ranjan Rout
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Nidhi Kumari
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Rank 32
Tanuja Bharti
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Rank 34
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Placed in: Eclera
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Placed in: SKP Projects

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