Agriculture Engineering Department in a nutshell...

The Agricultural Science programs are designed to develop skills and explore career areas in agriculture and allied fields. The instructional program includes topics in animal, plant, environmental, soil, food sciences, horticulture, landscaping and agricultural engineering. Students will acquire skills necessary to meet their individual career objectives, occupational skills for gainful employment and leadership abilities to work effectively in groups and as a team. Additionally, the programs provide for research and supervised work experience to enhance the needs and interests of each student.

The Department will significantly contribute to overall agricultural research by improving its research infrastructure with an eye to becoming one of the top agricultural scientific and technological institutions in India, further, the department is seeking to establish further international collaborations and large-scale cooperation in agricultural research in an effort to accelerate the pace of innovation and make significant contributions to eliminating poverty and hunger in the global scenario.


Currently, the demand for Agriculture Engineers is at an all time high. Leading agricultural firms, government services, and consulting agencies seek after graduates in AE. An AE degree will open doors around the world in large corporations and small businesses, including careers in water quality, food processing, environmental systems, structural design, erosion control, materials handling, agricultural power and equipment design and more.

Starting salaries for Agricultural Engineering (AE) graduates range from Rs.50,000 to Rs.65,000 per year, depending on location, employer, type of job, and internship experience. Our placement rate is nearly 100%.

Graduates in this well-respected program are employed for the purpose of:-
  • Designing and managing food production systems
  • Protecting surface and ground water quality
  • Designing natural resource management systems
  • Developing and managing bioprocessing systems
  • Designing off-road vehicles and agricultural equipment
  • Designing animal production facilities and environmental control systems