HOD'S Message:

Agriculture is the oldest and largest industry of the world. It has been providing the materials required to meet the basic needs of mankind such as food, clothing and shelter.The Structural change from agriculture to industry is widely associated with the First Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom. The spinning jenny is a multi-spindle spinning frame and is one of the key developments in the industrialization of weaving during the early Industrial Revolution being invented in 1764 by James Hargreaves in Lancashire, England. The Industrial Revolution, the transition to new manufacturing processes in Europe and USA dates back from 1760 to1840. The transition includes shifting from hand production to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, use of steam and water power, development of machine tools and mechanized factory system.

The Second Industrial Revolution coming about 100 years later includes division of labour , mass production and electricity as its hallmarks. The Third Industrial Revolution is the one that gives us the ability to play on our smart phone to harness the powers of digitization.

Agriculture and industry are the two sides of a coin. The countries with equal emphasis on agriculture and industry are the most developed in the world. While countries with priority to either industry or agriculture are called developing nations and the ones neglecting both are treated as undeveloped countries.

The use of data analytics is opening up efficiencies in sectors like agriculture that did not exist earlier. Some of the food processing companies, for instance, is allowing thousands of traders to be part of the system by using mobile-based pricing data. The entire value chain from farm to fork can provide livelihood to millions of people who may not have formal skills but are ready to share their understanding with the help of mobile connectivity.Students joining in Agricultural Engineering have a large scope of developing Indian Agriculture as well as industry through devotion , dedication and skills.

The Faculties are highly qualified with PhD from academic, research and industry background. The department is well equipped with laboratories to teach and impart hands on training for Farm Machinery & Equipment, GIS, Agricultural Processing & Food Engineering, Soil &Water Conservation Engineering, Dairy Engineering.

- Prof(Dr.) Satyananda Swain.