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It refers to sharing or disseminating of knowledge and providing inputs to problem solving. GIFT drives the exchange of employees' knowledge, skills, and experiences through a well-defined structure for gaining knowledge and leveraging the same to the students. The Knowledge transfer is not training or circulation of information. It is about the collective effort in harnessing each member of the department through the Faculty member who has gain knowledge from attending knowledge events across the globe. GIFT believes that Knowledge Transfer will enhances the professional development and recognizing each person in the department as a valued member.

# Type of Program Name of the Resource Person Topic Affiliation Date Conducted
1 Seminar Dr. A.K.Chaubey, Physical Metallurgy Concepts CSIR-IMMT, Bhubaneswar-751013 10/6/2018
2 Expert Talk Dr.K.G. Prashanth "Additive Manufacturing Technologies- 3-D Printing, Rapid Prototyping" Associate Professor in Additive Manufacturing, Norwegian University of Science and Technology 3/31/2018
4 Seminar Dr Rajesh Roshan Dash Green Technoloy IIT,Bhubaneswar 2/14/2020
5 FDP Dr Sisir Ku Behera Waste to Energy Practices and Circular Economy VIT,Vellore 12/20/2019
6 FDP Dr S K Maharana SCope of IoT in Waste Management AIT,Bangalore 12/19/2019
7 Guest Lecture Mr. Abinash Mohanty Importance of Internships for Skill and Employability Bharat Industrial Training Institute 1/25/2020
8 Guest Lecture Er,J.K.Khillar Industrial Application of Electronics & Communication NALCO 11/2/2019
9 Technical Speech Mr.Debadatta Mishra Interplanetory Mission ISRO 2/2/2018
10 Guest Lecture Prof. Sanjit Kumar Swain “VLSI Design” Silicon Institute of Technology 9/8/2018
11 FDP Dr. Rashmi Ranjan Rout Smart Cities & IoT - Transform Cities with Future Solution NIT warangle 6/17/2020
12 Technical Speech Dr.Ajit Kumar Nayak Wireless sensor protocal Assistant professor,Department of CSE,Gandhi Institute For Technology,Bhubaneswar 3/3/2017
1 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Manas Ranjan Sethi Automatic Water Bottle Gandhi Institute for Technology 28/11/2019
2 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Sasmita Pani An Engineering Model for developing Mobile Web Apps Gandhi Institute for Technology 12/12/2019
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Subrat Kumar Sahoo Automatic Car Sensing Wiper System Gandhi Institute for Technology 12/12/2019
3 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Saroj Kumar Rout Energy Efficient Node Localization in WSN Gandhi Institute for Technology 19/12/2019
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Monalisha Samal Sniffer for detecting lost mobiles Gandhi Institute for Technology 19/12/2019
4 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.P.K Subudhi Dual band circular polarised printed antena for LTE and Wimax applications Gandhi Institute for Technology 2/1/2020
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Amrutansu Panigrahi Hetero-Leach protocol with heterogeneous energy constraint Gandhi Institute for Technology 2/1/2020
5 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Smruti Ranjan Swain Financial Assistance to the Students for Higher Studies Gandhi Institute for Technology 9/1/2020
6 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.SuryaNarayan Patnaik SoftComptuing and its applications in Electrical Sciences Hitech College of Engineering 16/1/2020
7 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.S.Nayak Health aware -HCI through Non Contact Integrated Multimodal Sensing Gandhi Institute for Technology 6/2/2020
Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.S.Behera Automatic Water Tap Gandhi Institute for Technology 13/2/2020
8 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Aurobindo Kar, Dr.P.K Subudhi How to Make Collaborative Learning Effectieve and Efficient Gandhi Institute for Technology 13/2/2020
9 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Aurobindo Kar English for Technical Writing Gandhi Institute for Technology 27/2/2020
10 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Sujit Kumar Panda Innovation through Hackathon Gandhi Institute for Technology 12/3/2020
1 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Satyajit Mohanty Maximum Power Point Tracking in Photovoltaic System under Partial Shading Condition Gandhi Institute For Technology 12.12.19
2 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Haripriya Mishra Hexavalent Chromium Removal from Sukinda Mines through Adsorption process Gandhi Institute For Technology 12.12.19
3 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Nabnit Panigrahi Bio Diesel- An alernative fuel for IC engine Gandhi Institute For Technology 19.12.19
4 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Er. Bishwajit Pradhan Research Trends in Current Scenario Kiewit Power 21.12.19
5 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Madan Mohan Sahu Bill of Material System Gandhi Institute For Technology 02.01.20
6 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Honey Mishra An Approach to Sustainable Waste Management Gandhi Institute For Technology 09.01.20
7 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Surya Narayan Patnaik Soft Computing And Its Application in Electrical Science HiTech College 16.01.20
8 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. BKR Patnaik Climate Change and the Concept of Environmental Justifice Gandhi Institute For Technology 23.01.20
9 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Rojalin Rout A Novel Structure of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter with High Voltage Level Generator Capability Using Reduced Components Gandhi Institute For Technology 30.01.20
10 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Radha Krushna Sahu Process Failure Mode & Effects Gandhi Institute For Technology 12.03.20
1 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. (Dr.) Satyananda Swain Agriculture-The Industry Deptt of Agri Engineering,GIFT,Bhubaneswar 12/5/2019
2 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Bikram Keshari Rout How to Improve the Engilish Speaking Capability of the Faculty Members Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar 12/5/2019
3 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr.Kharbela Swain Fluid on Stretching
Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar 12/12/2019
4 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof.Sipra Karmakar Market Fluctuation and Role of Macro Economic Parameters Dept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR 12/12/2019
5 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Himanshu Bhusana Panigrahy Two way benefit of Algai Field Culture: A Pollution remedial measure as well as animal feed Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar 12/19/2019
6 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Mr .Samir Ranjan Biswal DEVELOPMENT OF PROCESS PROTOCOL FOR CASHEW- NUT BUTTER Deptt of Agri Engineering,GIFT,Bhubaneswar 1/2/2020
7 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Biswaranjan Parida India towards $ 5 Trillion Economy : A Reality or a Gimmick Dept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR 1/2/2020
8 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Bidyut Prava Nayak Investigations Beyond the Standard Model: Neutrino Oscillation and SO(10) grand Unification Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar 1/23/2020
9 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Prof. Sasmita Hota Thinking tools as self-awareness for better teaching and learning process. Dept of BSH, GIFT, Bhubaneswar 2/6/2020
10 Collaborative Learning /Brainstorming Session Dr. Mousumi Panda Impact of NRC – CAA, with special reference to North East States of India Dept of MBA, GIFT,BBSR 2/27/2020

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Student Testimonials

  1. I am currently in 3rd year. It has been a great experience overall here in GIFT. We have a panel of great faculty members.
    -Deepsikha Mohanty, 3rd yr. ECE-
  2. I enjoy a lot while studying here in a huge campus with a large accommodation and numerous shops and eat-outs. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable and always available for help.
    -Pinaki Nayak, 1st yr. ECE-
  3. I would say it's a good place to study in. The faculty has wonderful friendly academic and non-academic staff and is always present to support us.
    -Subhasmita Malik, 1st yr. MCA-
  4. Being a part of GIFT has been a great experience which has helped me as well as many students.Faculty of my college is very friendly and easy to approach for assistance.
    -Rashmi Malik, 1st yr. MBA-
  5. It was a great time we spend in GIFT. Sharda has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.
    -Soumya Swain, 2nd yr. MCA-

our Student Toppers

Riddhish Ranjan Lenka
CGPA: 8.83
Regd. 1601298078
Nigam Nayak
CGPA: 8.43
Regd. 1601298055
Sipra Priyadarsini
CGPA: 8.41
Regd. 1601298067
Ujjwal Kumar
CGPA: 8.78
Regd. 1701298118
Suryakant Patra
CGPA: 8.44
Regd. 1701298353
Prashansa Sinha
CGPA: 8.29
Regd. 1701298102
Bhagyashree Sahoo
CGPA: 8.83
Regd. 1801298082
Nipali Bal
CGPA: 8.81
Regd. 1801298208
Smruti Ranjan Pradhan
CGPA: 8.76
Regd. 1801298340
Deepshikha Mohanty
CGPA: 8.62
Regd. 1601298537
Harshika Kumari
CGPA: 8.34
Regd. 1601298491
Unnati Kumari
CGPA: 8.21
Regd. 1601298168
Manasi Majhi
CGPA: 8.21
Regd. 1601298148
Prangya Paramita Swain
CGPA: 7.93
Regd. 1701298293
Sumouly Nandi
CGPA: 7.59
Regd. 1701298144
Priti Priyadasini Dasadhikari
CGPA: 7.56
Regd. 1701298296
Sucharita Maity
CGPA: 8.31
Regd. 1801298385
Chandan Kumar Sahu
CGPA: 8.21
Regd. 1801298100
Sarada Prasanna Hota
CGPA: 8.14
Regd. 1801298302
Satya Ranjan Sahoo
CGPA: 8.14
Regd. 1801298307
Preetilagna Mahapatra
CGPA: 7.68
Regd. 1601298470
Utkarsh Mehta
CGPA: 7.5
Regd. 1601298113
Sujan Mandal
CGPA: 7.59
Regd. 1601298281
Sudhir Kumar Yadav
CGPA: 7.98
Regd. 1701298338
Sanket Padhi
CGPA: 7.89
Regd. 1701298010
Rudranarayan Sahoo
CGPA: 7.68
Regd. 1701298009
Satyaprakash Biswal
CGPA: 8.71
Regd. 1801298311
Chandra Bhushan Prasad
CGPA: 8.57
Regd. 1801298103
Sibasundar Sahoo
CGPA: 8.55
Regd. 1801298328
Bhuwan Kumar Sah
CGPA: 8.52
Regd. 1601298202
Rajesh Choudhury
CGPA: 8.33
Regd. 1601298415
Jyoti Prakash Mishra
CGPA: 8.09
Regd. 1601298510
Soumya Ranjan Sahoo
CGPA: 8.38
Regd. 1701298126
Saroj Kumar Dash
CGPA: 8.25
Regd. 1701298115
Youbraj Thapa
CGPA: 8.16
Regd. 1701298186
Shashanka Sekhar Nayak
CGPA: 8.57
Regd. 1801298431
Biswajit Nath
CGPA: 8.33
Regd. 1801298093
Subhakanta Sahoo
CGPA: 8.19
Regd. 1801298371
Truptimayee Nayak
CGPA: 8.2
Regd. 1721298025
Golu Kumar
CGPA: 8.16
Regd. 1601298478
Rudra Madhab Das
CGPA: 7.84
Regd. 1601298127
Binod Kumar Pany
CGPA: 7.26
Regd. 1701298081
Soumyaranjan Biswal
CGPA: 7.23
Regd. 1701298069
Ritendra Pradhan
CGPA: 6.88
Regd. 1701298318
Sanjay Marandi
CGPA: 8.0
Regd. 1801298292
Ankur Ranjan Padhee
CGPA: 7.88
Regd. 1801298047
Soumya Ranjan Padhee
CGPA: 6.67
Regd. 1801298349
Sanam Sarita Tripathy
CGPA: 8.59
Regd. 1721298001
Madhusmita Behera
CGPA: 8.47
Regd. 1721298008
Nihar Ranjan Sahoo
CGPA: 8.08
Regd. 1721298018
Parameswar Mohanta
CGPA: 8.16
Regd. 1701298273
Rajashree Swain
CGPA: 8.09
Regd. 1701298305
Subham Agarwalla
CGPA: 7.7
Regd. 1701298002
Srikanta Pattnaik
CGPA: 8.1
Regd. 1801298363
Suraj Kumar Parida
CGPA: 7.95
Regd. 1801298403
Ankita Naik
CGPA: 7.67
Regd. 1801298045
Silu Patra
CGPA: 8.27
Regd. 1801298334
Soumya Ranjan Dash
CGPA: 8.07
Regd. 1801298348
Shweta Sahoo
CGPA: 8.04
Regd. 1801298327
Truptimayee Dash
CGPA: 7.98
Regd. 1801298425

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