Department of Basic Science and Humanities - Faculty List

#Faculty NameDesignationDate of Joining
Mr. Amulya Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor26-06-2016
Dr. Ashok Kumar Mishra Professor23-02-2017
Mr. Bidhu Bhusan Jena Assistant Professor26-06-2019
Dr. Bidyut Prava Nayak Assistant Professor01-06-2017
Dr. Bikahsh Ranjan Parhi Associate Professor08-03-2016
Mr. Bikram Keshari Rout Assistant Professor (Asst HOD)15-07-2011
Ms. Bratatee Mohapatra Assistant Professor13-08-2019
Dr. Girija Shankar Sahoo Associate Professor17-08-2018
Dr. Himansu Bhusana Panigrahy Assistant Professor22-05-2017
Mr. Jogendra Das Assistant Professor25-02-2020
Mr. Jyotiranjan Mohanty Assistant Professor17-08-2010
Dr. Kharabela Swain Assistant Professor22-08-2019
Ms. Lopamudra Pattanayak Assistant Professor29-11-2019
Mr. Manas Ranjan Palei Assistant Professor01-12-2020
Mrs. Manisha Devi Assistant Professor12-08-2011
Dr. Manoranjan Mishra Assistant Professor13-09-2008
Mrs. Minati Pradhan Assistant Professor25-10-2013
Dr. Pallab Kumar Kar Professor (HOD)22-12-2020
Mr. Parshuram Sahoo Assistant Professor02-07-2009
Mrs. Pranati Mishra Assistant Professor01-08-2012
Dr. Prasanna Kumar Rout Assistant Professor16-08-2011
Mr. Prasanta Kumar Acharya Guest Faculty(not set)
Mr. Radha Raman Padhi Assistant Professor22-04-2011
Dr. Rebecca Bhattacharya Professor19-08-2017
Ms. Reshma Swain Assistant Professor16-01-2020
Mr. Sanjib Kumar Das Assistant Professor28-07-2015
Mrs. Sasmita Hota Assistant Professor10-07-2015
Mr. Siba Prasad Mohapatra Assistant Professor17-08-2017
Mr. Soumya Ranjan Dehury Assistant Professor11-12-2020
Mrs. Suchitra Pattnaik Associate Professor14-07-2008
Mrs. Suchitra Pradhan Assistant Professor06-01-2020
Mr. Tapan Kumar Panda Assistant Professor06-08-2007