The Department is embellished with the following facilities which are a customary requirement of the University.


The department of BS & H has well specious A/C classrooms having audio-visual facilities for the teaching-learning process. All the classrooms can accommodate more than 60(Sixty) students.


Physics Lab

GIFT has a well- equipped Physics lab to carry out various experiments related to Optics, Electricity, Mechanics and many more branches of Physics. It helps the young minds to find answers to their curiosity and use the same for further study. We conduct experiments like determination of Acceleration due to gravity, measurements of moduli of elasticity, drawing the characteristic curves of junction diode and transistor etc.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry Lab is equipped with all types of modern machinery to teach the students effectively. Also, we test chemical parameters of soil, check quality parameters of water, check fertility of soil in collaboration with agriculture department. Some of the experiments we conduct are: Determination of TH water by EDTA method, Determination of partition coefficient of iodine between benzene and water, Determination of DO sin a sample of water.

Communicative English Lab

Department of BS & H has a state-of-the-art Communicative English Lab with Globarena Language Software for forty counsels and one teacher console. It contains five modules viz. Communication Skills, Soft Skills, Pre-Placement, Corporate Readiness and Aptitude to cater to the needs of students especially practicing sounds of English, enhancing personality, learning the nuances of Group discussion, developing knowledge in soft skills, aptitude and module on Corporate Readiness.

Mini Conference Hall

There is a well-furnished Seminar Hall equipped with latest LCD Projectors in the Main Building, which fulfills the obligatory departmental requirements such as Minor & Major Project Presentation, Seminar, FDP, Expert Talk and many more special programs.

Departmental Library

A Departmental Library has been set up with a volume of 650 books ranging from all specializations belonging to the Department of BS &H. It helps in augmenting the intellectual horizons of the faculty, research scholars and students. In addition to this, lots of Technical Magazines, Competitive Magazines, and Online Resources are being subscribed to, which is useful for academic and research purposes.

Industrial Lecture /Seminar by Industrialists /Academicians

In order to set high standards in academics and exposure to the various industry, eminent personalities from Academia, industry and all walks of lives are invited to our college to enlighten the students with their erudite talks. Students come out of the shackles of their academic curriculum and get exposed to wider horizons of life starting from yoga, spiritualism, religious discourses to modern innovation, application of technology.

Dr. D. K Das
Research in Nanotechnology.
Dr. Sushant Tripathy
Dr. S. K Sarangi
Surface Engg. & Application
Dr. B K Sahu
Dr. Ratnakar Dash
Micro Engineering

Industrial Tours / Study Tours

Technical education cannot be completed without practical exposure to industry. Every year we develop a series of Study Tours to enhance the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of classroom.“Industrial visits are efforts to bridge the gap between theory and practical” and its benefits are as follows:

  • It help students gain first hand information regarding functioning of the industry.
  • Provides opportunities to plan organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.
  • It is Mandatory in various Indian universities hence it also full fills certain curriculum requirements.
  • Provides an insight into the real working environment of the industry.
  • Helps them to see their future place in the working world.
CTTC, Bhubaneswar OMFED, Bhubaneswar PARLE-G, Bhubaneswar Akshsya Patra Foundation
CIPET, Bhubaneswar

Students have visited the following industries as a part of course curriculum

Sl.No Plant Name Place
1 Central Tool Room and Training Center Bhubaneswar
2 Central Institute of Plastic Engineering and Technology Bhubaneswar
4 Britannia Industry Bhubaneswar
5 Coco Cola Company Bhubaneswar
6 Odisha Milk Federation Bhubaneswar
7 Pathani Samanta Planetarium Bhubaneswar
8 Akshaya Patra Foundation Cuttack

Hobby Club Competitions

Every Thursday, we conduct different Hobby Classes to give vent to the hidden talents of students as a part of exploring extra-curricular activities of students. Hobbies like Dance, Music, Song, Guitar, Robotics, carom, drum, painting, Photography, Literary activities are conducted regularly and competitions are held every semester among the students.

Business English certification Course

A regular degree is not going to suffice to ensure a good employment. Keeping that in mind, we, at GIFT provide a globally acknowledged certification course,i.e. Business English Certificate Examinations (both Prelim & Vantage) which is rolled out by Cambridge University, U.K.