Events and Activities

Electrical & Eloctronics Society

Electrical& Electronics Society is a non-profit Educational Society which provides a platform to the student to

enhance their technical knowledge and update them the vital information in field of Engineering and


Aims and Objectives

Beyond the academic curriculum it provides some extra information regarding recent development. Apart

from upgrading the professional skills of its members, it aims at the following:--

1. To promote the values of Engineering and Technology and its applications.

2. To facilitate the benefits of Engineering Education to the less privileged.

3. To advance the status and roles of engineering practices.

4. To facilitate interaction among the members of Engineering Societies throughout the world.

5. To represent the opinion of Members of the society, on matters related to the objects of society.

6. Promoting continuing education and training.

Membership Benefits

  • Membership Card
  • Professional Membership Certificate is awarded to earmark the professional status.
  • Professional association throughout lifetime.
  • Advice & Information - It arranges professional, technical career and education advice and information

    for career development for which there is a Consulting Engineer/Advisor to support the same.

    Collaboration:- Our society is associated with other national societies like SESI.The Solar Energy

    Society of India (SESI), established in 1978, having its Secretariat in New Delhi, is the Indian Section of

    the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). Its interests cover all aspects of renewable energy,

    including characteristics, effects and methods of use, and it provides a common ground to all those

    concerned with the nature and utilization of this renewable non-polluting resource.

    The Society is interdisciplinary in nature, with most of the leading energy researchers and manufacturers

    of renewable energy systems and devices of the country as its members. High academic attainments are

    not a prerequisite for membership and any person engaged in research, development or utilization of

    renewable energy or in fields related to renewable energy and interested in the promotion of renewable

    energy utilization can become a member of the society.