Short introduction to GIFAA

Established in 2011, GIFT Alumni Association (GIFAA) creates and maintains a life-long connection between the Institute and its alumni, with a alumni base of more than six thousand. The alumni always contribute to the institution in various ways. They often guide the current students and share their experiences in the academics, cultural and sports events or even employment (by training them for their recruitment in corporate world or making them aware about the recent career options).

Main Objective of GIFFA

  • Alumni Career and Networking Services
  • Life-long Learning
  • Student-Alumni Contact
  • Events and Reunions
  • Geographic Alumni Chapters
  • Support your Hostel
  • Support your Community

In order to remain in touch with our alumni, we conduct alumni meet at different cities across the country, like:

  • Delhi
  • Bengaluru
  • Pune
  • Chennai
  • Bhubaneswar

Alumni Meet Events

Alumni Meet- GAMEX 2K17 Alumni Group Pic- GAMEX 2K19
Performance by Alumni- GAMEX 2K19 Games by Alumni- GAMEX 2K18

Alumni Bytes

Mr. Falguni Sahaya Behera, Asst. Loco Pilot, SW Railway
My sincere thankfulness to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, GIFT. The department and professor helped me to develop my skills during my B.Tech years. The department helped me to get into lot of industrial visit, internships, project and workshops which helped me gain industrial knowledge.
Mr. Maskoor Alam, Kalyani Forge, Pune
I am highly indebted to the entire GIFT family, in particular, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering for helping me achieve great heights in those four years. As a result of the constant support and guidance from the department, I have been placed a Kalyani Forge Limited, Pune.
Mr. Pawan Kumar Singh, Section Officer
Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected GIFT. The friendly environment, the systematic approach towards imparting education at GIFT made me a competent individual. The wide range of activities- both curricular and co-curricular- along and the support from Department was really very helpful for my future. The faculties are really very kind and approachable when any need arises. In GIFT we were trained for our placements and because of that I am working as a Asst Loco Pilot.
Mr. Shantanu Modak, Asst. Prof, NIT Allahabad
The past years at GIFT passed by gloriously. The college not only imparted knowledge but also help me build patience, and on top of all management abilities necessary to able to compete in the real world of business. It gave me a platform to push myself and to understand the potentials that was hidden inside me.
Miss. Ipsita Priyadarshini Das, Continental Automotive Industries, Pune
The past three years at GIFT has led me to explore and learn new things in terms of personal and professional aspects. The faculty at GIFT focus on students' career goals with proper career guidance based on one's strengths and passion. The pre-placements activities were highly effective for us to have a clear idea on facing interviews. The various co-curricular activities built confidence and leadership skills in us.
Mr. Ravi Sabat, GET, TATA STEEL
It was a wonderful experience at GIFT with an excellent exposure provided across the various platforms. The faculty are very supportive and encourage students to push boundaries to rise above expectations. GIFT targets for an overall development of every student, be it education, cultural awareness or practical exposure of business world like industrial exposure and international tour. The placement activities are pretty good and come with a training given on how to conduct oneself and face interviews confidently.