Research and Development MBA

The department serves the professional research needs of the Institution, the students, and the faculty members.

Published Books

GIFT gives a best stage to each the students and the faculty individuals to grandstand their ability via publishing their books. One ebook division compromises of specialists, who have been using most current techniques to furnish excellent direction to the college students and colleges in writing books.


It serves the students with peer-reviewed research journals, news, and commentary about the state-of-the-art research posted in the Journals, information about and for members, data about management and its place in the world.

Working Papers

The working papers are working drafts of researches which consist of abstracts and papers in numerous areas of Management and Business Studies.

Research Centers

GIFT’s lookup facilities are devoted to producing influential research that givesconsiderate leadership to academic, commercial enterprise and governmental organizations, globally.

Seminars and Conferences

Attending conferences is a professionally lucrative journey which helps in socializing with colleagues from other establishments and to converse with different researchers by using hearing their presentations.

Some of the extra ordinary publications by our faculties are like,

  • Job Satisfaction of Employees at Reliance Trends in Bhubaneswar outlets, Volume 14,Issue 2,Personnel Focus, Journal of NIPM, July 2018,ISSN:2229-6506.
  • JK Paper Mills contributes towards society in a large scale-A Case Study, International Journal of Multi Dimensional Research, Volume 4,Issue 8,August,2016,ISSN:2321-1784.
  • Skill- Gap Analysis in Indian industries : An Overview , IJMTE
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Hindalco Industries Limited – SWOT Analysis of Self Help Groups , IPSAR Management Review-2014 ,Vol XII , No. 1, ISSN 0976 – 2027.
  • CSR-Around the Western part of ODISHA by various Industries, International Journal in Management and Social sciences, Volume 5,Issue 1,January 2017,ISSN:2321-1784