Infrastructure MBA

Classrooms & Learning facilities

(Availability of adequate, well-equipped classrooms to meet the curriculum requirements)

(Availability of –learning facilities, utilization; initiatives to ensure students learning)

The basic policy of the Institute for creation and enhancement of Infrastructure is to strictly adhere to the requirements of regulatory body, i.e. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Over and above the requirements of the statutory body, the policy of the Institute towards infrastructure development is keeping with the time. Convenience of the students and faculty as well as requirements understood with constant interaction with stakeholders shape the policy of the Institution for creation and up gradation of infrastructure also.

  • Classrooms are specially furnished for the purpose with projectors and internet facility.
  • The class rooms are also well equipped with proper ventilation and uninterrupted power supply.
  • The Institute subscribes to on-line courses provided by learning ware for most of the subjects with access given to all students and teachers.
  • Extra doubt clearing classes are given for both the semester students in separate tutorial classes.
  • NPTEL video lecturers are available through College Intranet.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the campus for promotion of independent learning.
  • Additional library hours are provided for carrying out project works.
  • Accesses to on-line journals from Springer are extended to the students and faculty members.
  • Mini projects are undertaken by the students from 1st year onwards.
  • Major project work is started from 2nd semester so as to give them sufficient time for enhancing their skill sets independently, take practical training on developing managerial and other skills and how to implement it in the organization.
  • The institute stresses to organize seminars, workshop, symposia, and conferences for help collaborative learning culture among students.
  • The class rooms are provided with projectors and internet connectivity.
  • On-line courses in many subjects are available and faculty members are encouraged to utilize these on-line courses during their regular lectures.
  • Faculty members can add, edit slides in on-line courses as per requirements.
  • The students are imparted special training on uses of different software and they are encouraged to use software packages for analyses and experimental work of their projects.
  • The college encourages teachers to enhance their subject knowledge and research in their respective fields using library resources and software.
  • Creative assignments are prepared by the faculty in all the subjects and students are asked to prepare the solutions by referring to books and other e-learning materials.
  • Seminars / symposia are conducted regularly every year to bring out inherent talents of budding engineers. Special guest lectures are also arranged on the latest topics by eminent academicians / industrialists.
  • Faculty members are encouraged to participate in National/International level seminars by extending academic leave and required financial assistance.
  • The faculty members in turn transfer their knowledge or technical knowhow to their students either in the classroom or by arranging special lectures for this purpose.

Library-Hard and electronic

Quality of learning resources(hard/soft)

Digital Library

Availability of digital library contents number of e-books, etc.50

Availability of an exclusive server Yes

Availability over Intranet/Internet Yes

Availability of exclusive space/room Yes

Number of users per day 90

The other services the library staff provide to students and teachers of the college are :


Total Nos. of Books: - 25735

Total Nos. of Titles: - 4078

Total Nos. of books in Book Bank: - 13571

Total Nos. of e – Journals: - 198

Total Nos. of printed Journals: -117

Total Nos. of Magazines: -55

Total types of News Paper per day: - 11

OPAC (OnlinePublicAccessCatalogue): Yes

• Public access for searching catalogues is available in the College Management System.

• Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals

• The Library has online e-journals subscription for staff and students to access through SPRINGER and subscribed DELNET services.

• Federated searching tools to search articles in multiple data bases: - YES

• In-house / remote access to e-publications

• Our Library has a large and constantly growing collection of online resources such as a database, e-journals, e-books and so on. These e-resources are accessible at any place within the campus at any time. We are using IP Based campus wide unlimited access.We can download full text of resources from Springer & DELNET

Accessibility to students:

  • Manuscripts:-Before the commencement of the semester, each subject teacher submits the Lesson Note in the library and after verification of the same by Dean (Academic) it is issued to the students for reference.
  • • References:-ForReferenceservices,aseparateReferencesectionisavailable.

IT Infrastructure

(Availabilityofcompositehardware,software,networkresources and services required forthe existence, operationand management ofaninstitutions ITenvironment.)


Boys’ hostel :

Number of hostels:02

Facilities: Reading Room, Television, Internet Wi-Fi Facility, Dining Room, Water purifier, 24 hours water supply, Power back up, 24 hours Ambulance, Residential Doctor, Indoor games, Hostel warden

  • Girl’s Hostel:

Number of hostels: 01

Facilities: Reading Room, Television, Internet Wi-Fi facility, Dining Room, Water purifier, 24 hours water supply, Power back up, 24 hours Ambulance, Residential Doctor, Indoor games, Hostel warden.


We at GIFT have a ultra modern auditorium having all the required amenities to conduct seminars, Faculty Development Programs , Conferences, etc...